ALL-200G Gang Device Programmer

ALL-200G Gang Device Programmer is designed to provide high quality programming platform for new released IC products on the market especially for high density FLASH units. ALL-200G works with multiple Socket Boards to perform multi-site programming for limited / mass production. Through USB port, 4/8 sets of ALL-200G can be connected to one PC for either synchronous or asynchronous multi-site programming to maximize production capacity.


ALL-200G extremely high freq. core circuit design significantly cut down programming time of high density memory products.

ALL-200G Device Programmer has 56 x 8 sets of Precise Universal Pin Driver to provide high speed, low noise, accurate and reliable programming signals for various IC products including high speed low power devices recently released to market. Each site owns individual Pin Driver so sites are totally independent without interfering each other during multi-site programming.

ALL-200G Gang Device Programmer

מק"ט: ALL200G
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