Altera DE0 Cyclon III Board

The DE0 package includes: 

  1. DE0 Board
  2. DE0 System CD:

    ‧DE0 User Manual, Quick Start Guide

    ‧Altera's Quartus® II Subscription & Web Edition and the Nios® II Embedded Design Suit Evaluation Edition software

  3. Adapter DC 7.5V/0.8A (US wall plug)
  4. USB Cable



  • FPGA

    • Cyclone III 3C16 FPGA

      • 15,408 LEs
      • 56 M9K Embedded Memory Blocks
      • 504K total RAM bits
      • 56 embedded multipliers
      • 4 PLLs
      • 346 user I/O pins
      • FineLine BGA 484-pin package
  • Memory

    • SDRAM

      • One 8-Mbyte Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM memory chip
    • Flash memory

      • 4-Mbyte NOR Flash memory
      • Support Byte (8-bits)/Word (16-bits) mode
    • SD card socket

      • Provides both SPI and SD 1-bit mode SD Card access
  • Interface

    • Built-in USB Blaster circuit

      • On-board USB Blaster for programming
      • Using the Altera EPM240 CPLD
    • Altera Serial Configuration device

      • Altera EPCS4 serial EEPROM chip
    • Pushbutton switches

      • 3 pushbutton switches
    • Slide switches

      • 10 Slide switches
    • General User Interfaces

      • 10 Green color LEDs
      • 4 seven-segment displays
      • 16x2 LCD Interface (Not include LCD module)
    • Clock inputs

      • 50-MHz oscillator
    • VGA output

      • Uses a 4-bit resistor-network DAC
      • With 15-pin high-density D-sub connector
      • Supports up to 1280x1024 at 60-Hz refresh rate
    • Serial ports

      • One RS-232 port (Without DB-9 serial connector)
      • One PS/2 port (Can be used through a PS/2 Y Cable to allow you to connect a keyboard and mouse to one port)
    • Two 40-pin expansion headers

      • 72 Cyclone III 3.3V I/O pins, as well as 8 power and ground lines, are brought out to two 40-pin expansion connectors
      • 40-pin header is designed to accept a standard 40-pin ribbon cable used for IDE hard drives 


Altera DE0 Cyclon III Board

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