Neuron Inventor Kit


Craft a new invention in just 5 minutes:Building blocks are connected in a snap with magnetic Pogo Pins. Users can simply assemble the blocks to make creative gadgets without needing to write any code.

No Coding Experience Required: The graphical programming interface in the Neuron app enables beginners to easily create Neuron applications and add basic or advanced functionality (e.g. IoT) into their inventions.

Continuously Updated Invention Guides: The Neuron app comes with Invention Guides and video tutorials to show you how to get started building with the Inventor Kit. Follow, then lead with your own creative ideas.

Compatible with the Makeblock platform and LEGO® blocks

mBlock Support: Neuron gadgets can be controlled and programmed using mBlock on desktop and the Neuron app on mobile devices.

The magnetic design at the back of Neuron blocks facilitates home use and lab work demonstrations. You can simply place your gadget on a fridge or a whiteboard to show it off and explain how it works.

IoT and Remote Control


Neuron Inventor Kit

1 x Power 1 x Funny Touch 1 x USB Cable (20cm)
1 x Bluetooth 1 x GND Wire 9 x Neuron Board
1 x Buzzer 1 x Funny Switch 36 x Friction Pin Connectors
1 x Dual Servo Driver 1 x LED Panel 20 x Rubber Bands

1 x Servo

1 x Gyro Sensor


Tech Specs 

Battery 3.7V 950mAh、Output Voltage 5.1 V 、Input Voltage 5V 、Input Current <1A、 Working hours Normal strength of more than 90 minutes 、Working temperature 0° C ~ 45° C
Bluetooth Specifications BT 4.0、Frequency Band 2402 - 2480MHz、Output Power Class Max. 4dBm
Servo Operating Voltage 4.5V ~ 6.0V、Idle Current 6±1mA、Limit Angle 180° ± 10°
Product size 230*170*69mm
Product weight 979g

Neuron Inventor Kit

מק"ט: MB012
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